A Safe, Family-friendly, Immersive Drive-thru Experience

October 15 - 31

Los Angeles 2020


Take a  One Way Trip Down the Halloween Highway

A one mile stretch of  “abandoned” road -- Halloween Highway will provide participants with a 20-25 minute in-car immersive experience. as they slowly creep down this darkened, one-way path.  With a route full of visual effects and live actors looming on the edges of the road, participants will experience an unfolding story transmitted through their smartphone and car’s Bluetooth® speakers .


Take a Trip Down the Halloween Highway

Guests will select a date/time slot, then purchase a per car ticket through a custom web-based app. They will receive a unique QR code

Scheduled time check-in: Ambassador will scan the QR code through the car window for car entry

Guests will remain in their cars through the entire 25-30 min journey

Augmented Reality-marked story “scare” points 

Using their own phones/ the app, families can trigger video/animation 

Bluetooth audio into their vehicle for sound and music

For more information contact: info@ 4moopnentertainment.com

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