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Horror 360

XR experience

360 Horror Short XR Experience

Case #436: The Killing of Emma Sinclair

There’s a serial killer on the loose in southern California and we need your help. Using the latest in forensic technologies, you have been recruited for immersion into  the most recent victim’s mind minutes before this gruesome murder takes place. Please be aware that the  victim, Emma Sinclair, is a bed-ridden eighty-three year old woman. You’ll be as helpless as she was, but hopefully your experience will provide essential information that will lead to the capture of The Peek-a-Boo killer. Good luck!

I wrote, directed and produced this short film.

After shooting the film in a real-life bedroom in a house, we recreated the exact room in a conference room by bringing in the same furniture used in the shoot (bed, nightstand, ceiling fan, dresser, wheelchair, etc.).  In addition, we created fake windows and other props to further sell the experience.


Participants entered the darkened "bedroom" and asked to lie down on a quilted bed.  Even before they put on the headset, they could soak in the chilly night's breeze courtesy of haptic fans. Lighting techniques representing the outside moonlight and internal nightlights, as well as, audio of chirping crickets and nighttime breeze were used to immerse them creating an XR experience.

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