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2K Games
Take-Two Interactive

2K Games (Take-Two Interactive)

Evolve Video Game Campaign

At launch, Evolve was a revolutionary release in the unique 4v1 multiplayer gaming industry. Hunt or be hunted? Choose Your Side.


From pitch to deployment, lead the digital production of the award-winning pre-launch and launch of 2K Games’ AAA title EVOLVE

  • A dynamic CMS-driven website with interactive character features and weapons/loadouts, video gameplay highlights, multiple 3rd party online purchase integration, social feeds/sharing and discussion boards, as well as, the industry’s first downloadable 3-D printable characters

  • 100's of rich media (video/interactive takeovers and roadblocks), online and mobile banner campaigns, and out-of-home digital boards

Note: Produced while working at Team One (Saatchi & Saatchi)

Evolve Website


Evolve Campaign

Screen grabs of key sections of the website, takeovers, rich media and other digital.

Penn Station 4v1Synced Billboard

For our primary billboard spectacular, we had a two-sided board that wrapped the edge of a building at 7th Ave/33rd Street. To utilize this, we played off the unique 4v1 concept of the game and animated the logo to show the different 4 sets of hunters on one side, playing against the different monsters on the opposite side.

Penn Station Accolade Billboard

For our secondary board, we focused on showcasing unique gameplay and highlighting the many accolades the game had already received before release.

Penn Station Domination

Inside Penn Station, we took over the station with backlit dioramas, clocks, column wraps and large banners that talked up the unique 4v1 concept of the game, as well as the many accolades the game had already received before release

Evolve E3 Booth

3D Printable Characters

We helped 2K Games and Turtle Rock Studios be one of the first companies to use 3D printing as a way to build excitement for its game prior to release by making available for free. As part of the promotion, players could 3D print out any of the various monsters and hunters which the game is centered around, paint them, and then post them via social media with hashtag #4v1.

Evolve Homepage Takeover

IGN Big Bang


Online media

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