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MC2 Experience Studio
Experiential Concepts

MC2 Experience Studio

Concepts created and presented to various clients by our MC2 Experiential team in Los Angeles.


FX Network: Fargo Season 4

These immersive/interactive experience concepts features three rooms/experiences and various photo-ops that put guests into the world/story of Fargo.

Lionsgate: Spiral (From the Book of Saw)

Immersive/interactive experience concepts contains four main outdoor areas and photo-ops that put guests into the world/story of Spiral, the next  Saw installment.

iHeartMedia Festival Concept

Outdoor festive experience presented to iHeartMedia.

Jockey Bra Pop-up Stunt Concept

PR stunt concepts for Jockey Bras concept pitch.

Bumble Experience Concept

Immersive/interactive experience concepts for guests to create the perfect Bumble profile.

Prophecy (Gallo) Wine Experience

Immersive wine testing experience for Prophecy brand.

Tim Burton Black Box Karaoke Concept

This immersive, interactive concept was more robust version that the Client ended up going with.

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