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Piaggio Fast Forward


Piaggio Fast Forward

gita® is the world’s smartest carrier. A trusted sidekick that goes where you go.
Built to move with whatever moves you.

The gita robot is a hands-free carrier that follows people on the go toting up to 40 pounds of their belongings. By carrying their items it frees up their hands so they can engage with the people and in the activities they love most. Empowering people to walk more often, head-up hands-free.

Worked with the amazing creative minds at Imaginary Forces to produce an e-commerce website, mobile app and multiple social assets to launch PFF's new product into an emerging new field, "the mobile carrier".

Note: Produced while working at Imaginary Forces

gita® website

See screen grabs of key sections of the website or visit "live" site

gita® Colorways

How gita works animations

gita® Mobile App

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