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Panasonic Solutions Company

Panasonic Solutions Company

Toughbook Launch:
A fearless new way to do business.

US Web Presence: Positioning and Awareness

Our objective was to create anticipation and awareness of the new Toughpad family of products and clearly position ourselves as the optimal choice for a business tablet. As the interactive agency, The Phelps Group was tasked with creating a dynamic Web presence and pushing through the clutter of the competitive landscape by helping define the creative elements with which we could lead. The approach was to build strong situational visuals that clearly represent the rugged nature of the tablet, as well as creative copy that highlights its enterprise features. “Unfazed,” “unscathed,” “undefeated,” and “uncompromised” were strong words that were paired with highly sophisticated visuals of tough environments in which only our tablet could survive. These words connected the physical attributes of the tablet with its mission-critical differentiator. They also provided the necessary transition to the 100% fearless position and allowed the site visitor to get a strong and bold introduction to our message.

Note: Produced while working at The Phelps Agency

Toughbook Launch

Our goal was to generate more visitors, page views and leads than we have ever generated in any of our previous Panasonic Solutions Company launches.


Latin America Web Presence

We simultaneously launched the new Toughpad microsite in English, Spanish and Brazilian Portuguese, covering both the U.S. and Latin America markets. Cultural and language sensitivities were an important factor in handling translations and we worked closely with the PSC Latin American team to achieve that. In addition to providing product details, images and videos, the new microsites also include lead generation forms and live feeds containing the latest news from Twitter posts and blogs.


Toughpad Channel Support

Our objective was to announce the new Toughpad family of products to our channel partners and provide them with the tools they need to efficiently sell this product. The Toughpad reseller landing page contained customizable materials—like the direct mail, sales slick and email—as well as information materials such as the spec sheet, brochure, product bulletin, press release, images and product comparison documents. These are familiar tools to the reseller community.


Toughbook Website

Take a tough look at some of key sections of the website

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