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Siebel Scholars Conference 2019

Siebel Scholars

Conference 2019

In 2019 Siebel Scholars Conference brought together prominent researchers and authors to discuss the consequences of social media. For this 3-day event, Siebel Scholars Foundation hired MC2 Experiential to produce the entire event. Maroon 5 performed for the Saturday night gala at the Field museum in Chicago. I served two roles on this massive project:


I produced all immersive experiences, original content, print and interactives.​​ This included the hiring and management of internal and external resources (VFX/animators, video editors, scenic designers/builders/installers, web/mobile developers, tech/lighting/projection, printers, photo booth, LED, etc.) from NYC, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta. 

Note: Produced while working at MC2 Experiential Studio, MCH Global

Conference Overview Video

Immersive Environments and Interactives

Opening Night Animation

"Social Media: What Could Possibly Go Wrong" Storyline - The mechanisms and implications of social media, including an examination of the science of manipulating humans, exploring potential dangers on critical domains such as privacy, security and public health as well as ethical and political consequences.

Original Content

Online Dating 1
Fake News  1
Fake News 2
Twitter Political
Twitter Celebrity

Fake news and custom comedic social media featured in Social Media Immersive Alley

Conference Creative

Website, email campaign, social banners and SMS messaging. Other creative included guest presenter decks, wayward signs, bus signage, badges and other branded conference elements.

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