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StrategyMan vs.
The Anti-Strategy Squad
E-Learning System

The StrategyMan Learning System® [SLS] is a digital gamified learning platform designed to increase your strategic thinking and planning capabilities. The SLS follows the story of the StrategyMan graphic novel, bringing the characters and action to life through animation, voices, music, and interactive assessments.

The StrategyMan Learning System follows the story of the fictitious company TechnoBody as they battle the Anti-Strategy Squad in an attempt to save their business from strategycide. The online course consists of 12 levels, with each level containing a mission that managers must complete and a villain to defeat.


The assignment: Take the print version of the graphic novel and develop an animated, online subscription-based learning system. 

  • Includes 12 levels, with each level containing the animation content of the chapter and an end-of-chapter assessment.

  • Each end–of–chapter assessment includes:

    • Gathering Recon (answering knowledge questions)

    • Winning Skirmishes (solving scenarios)

    • Using your Weapons (completing strategy exercises)

  • Attempt to score more points than the villain, and level up to the next chapter. Successfully complete all 12 levels, and receive a program certificate of completion

  • A leaderboard of your team’s individual scores, leveraging the gamification aspect to inspire even higher levels of learning engagement.

  • The SLS includes an admin function that enables you to monitor progress, generate learning reports and measure your team’s success.

  • 166 pages

  • 140 quizzes and exercises

  • 13 downloadble PDF exercises

  • (12) 15 second intro chapter animations

  • 30 second animated trailer

  • 3 hours of animated content

  • 17 actors were ADRed for 35 roles (employees, superheroes and villains)

  • 20 villains and 3 heroes :)

Overview Video

:15 Chapter Introduction Videos

:30 Trailer

StrategyMan Website


StrategyMan Audiobook

In addition to producing the Audiobook based on the animated novel, the Client needed a logo designed based on the existing brand elements.